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Wooden kitchen countertops: natural beauty and solidity.


Warm color, solidity and plenty of coziness – wood in interior design is a timeless solution.

High-grade wooden kitchen countertops also allow you to enjoy the kitchen. Find out what their advantages are, and choose a favorite shade of wood for your home. Wood is a synonym of nature – it is distinguished by beautiful, warm colors and impressive jar drawing. Quickly adds cosiness to any interior. If you are looking for natural accents in the kitchen, and at the same time you appreciate the solid materials, pay attention to the countertops made of glued wood.


Wood glued – excellent material for countertops.

Kitchen counters made of glued wood not only enjoy the eye, but also make everyday work in the kitchen a pleasant one.

The gluing process eliminates natural wood stresses, which prevents material from being warped and cracks occur. Wooden countertops can also be easily trimmed, giving them any shape. That is why they give you a great deal when it comes to designing kitchen furniture. In addition, they are very easy to assemble.

It is also worth noting that wood is a fully ecological material.

Kitchen countertops made of it are warm to the touch (as opposed to for example to stone countertops and conglomerate), they also charming with eye color. Even if the scratches and recesses are scratched on the tabletop, the surface can be cleaned up, re-secured and re-used for kitchen work!

Beech wood is highly valued in carpentry:

it is one of the hardest and thus the most solid materials. In addition, they charm a bright, luminous, gently pink color. Thanks to these values ​​it has the power of optical magnification of the interior. It is also worth to remember that robust beech wood is a versatile finishing material that fits well with many colors. He finds himself in both modern and classical arrangements. That is why, even if we take a metamorphosis of the kitchen, the beech top will not be a problem in the new design.


Oak kitchen worktop.

The oak is a symbol of natural strength – and not just about the longevity and splendor of the trees themselves.

Oakwood is valued for its durability. It is one of the hardest species in the country, and is therefore exceptionally resistant to abrasion. Carpenters appreciate the ease of processing the oak, so that the material allows aesthetically functional kitchen – using even the most difficult in the arrangement of corners.

That is why it is not only stable and durable, but also has excellent decorative qualities.

Oak wood is distinguished by darker, deep color and excellent jar drawing. This is a choice for long years! We recommend oak tops for every kitchen: modern, classic, rustic or in Scandinavian style.


Antique Oak: for lovers of natural cosiness.


Antique oak countertops are a proposal for lovers of noble materials strongly inspired by nature.

For the finish of the countertop was used a technique of filling – with a dark mass was filled with stretch marks in the wood. Thanks to that the apparent imperfections of the material have gained outstanding decorative value. Antique oak countertop charms with irregular surface and varied texture. It will delight the fans of traditional craftsmanship and full of authenticity in carpentry.


You do not have to worry about the strength of the countertop during intensive use in the kitchen.

Proven micro-finger adhesion technology goes hand in hand with the natural hardness of the oak – resistant to abrasion. Antique countertops are oil-protected and, in case of damage to the protective layer, you can quickly make current replenishments.
Other wood species for countertops. National species of wood, like oak and beech, are not the only options when it comes to high quality wooden kitchen countertops.


What other materials worth paying attention to?

  • Merbau: exotic wood, famous for its moisture resistance. In addition, it is characterized by reddish-brown color with goldenish shine, which gradually becomes darker. The merbau wooden deck is a great choice for both the kitchen and the bathroom.
  • Teak: wood known for its longevity and excellent resistance to moisture. Brighter than the merbau, also recommended for the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Acacia Asian: charms with various shades of brown, from light to dark. The Asian acacia chipboard is resistant to moisture and abrasion. From this material is done garden furniture.
  • Hevea: also called rubber. The tops made of it have a very bright color. They present themselves in a modern kitchen, in the vicinity of expressive color accents.
  • Palisander: one of the most appreciated species of exotic wood. Beautiful jigsaw drawings and varied colors (with the dominance of very dark brown) are not only its advantages. The rosewood kitchen countertop always impresses the guests, and is durable and stable (a high consistency of wood).
  • Walnut: comes from North America. It is valued for its attractive brown color, beautiful grain design and ease of processing. The American walnut kitchen countertop is an interesting starting point for arranging an elegant kitchen.
  • Ash: hardwood and hardwood. Thanks to its bright colors it illuminates the interior beautifully. In addition, well presented in the company of stronger colors.
  • Steamed Acacia: Thanks to brewing technology, the acacia kitchen top is profoundly brown in color and more stable.
  • Bamboo: bright or more amber (Carmel). Ecological material (bamboo grows fast!) And very durable. Especially excellent resistance to moisture.