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Wine rack: 10 ideas. Designer wine shelves and bottle racks

The wine rack is a practical kitchen accessory that will gather in one place bottles of the best alcohols. We advise you how to choose wine racks. In the photo gallery you will find practical wine bottle holders and shelves, which are great decorations of the interior


Wine stand is an accessory not often found in interior design.

True connoisseurs have a small wine cellar where their wine are lined. And if so, by providing the perfect conditions for wine storage, choose a designer bottle stand that will turn out to be an original and extremely ingenious interior decoration. In the photo gallery you will find 10 ingenious wine racks, which will be a real treat for drink lovers in all colors!
Wine stand and other ideas how to store wine bottles

Wine lovers will love the vintage and are eagerly awaiting the right moment to taste them. As is well known, the older the wine, the better. It is extremely sensitive to many factors, so to enjoy its exquisite taste, it is best to provide optimal conditions for ripening.

One of the most important rules for keeping wine is to keep it lying down.

Then the cork will be soaked all the time, and this will prevent it from drying out and getting air in.

This is especially important when we are planning to collect bottles for a long time. The wine rack is the easiest way to store bottles. In addition, there are shelves for wine and bookshelves. The wine shelf should have a bottle-shaped groove.It is good to stick to information tags that will allow us to know, among other things, the genre and the vintage.


In vertical position you can store bottles of young wine with plastic plugs.

Great showcase cabinet-like cabinets that can be made of wood, metal or glass. This is a convenient solution as these cabinets can be positioned anywhere, provided they are not exposed to sunlight. Wine gets the right temperature. Another proposition is the wine storage refrigerator, which can vary from several dozen to dozens of bottles, depending on the size. This is a small device so you can put it in a convenient place for us.


We choose a wine rack: wooden, metal, plastic?

Wine racks are made in various forms and using a variety of materials.

This makes it easy to find a model that fits your decor. Wooden wine rack: natural material, warm colors and timeless elegance. Bottle stand made of wood will test both in modern and classic interiors. All you have to do is choose the shade of the wood (bright to Scandinavian style and dark to classic). In addition, hard, high quality wood does not deform under the weight. And remember that a large collection of bottles weighs a lot!

Metal wine rack: For modern interiors we recommend light, minimalist models of stainless steel.

In turn, arrangements made in Proven├žal or Tuscan style fit rack stands made of forged metal. Not only do they allow you to gather in one place the fault of the collection, but they also decorate the apartment nicely. Metal is also a guarantee of reliability and security. Plastic wine stand: if it has an interesting form or distinctive color scheme, it will make a great living in a modern home. Let’s just find out what kind of plastic made wine rack. It must be resistant to loads and deformations under the weight.