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More and more people enjoy forgotten bowls and tables.

Whitened furniture in the kitchen filled with stylized utensils is a unstoppable trend. Shabby chic furniture is more common in our homes.

By tracking the expert advice on home remodeling methods, we can give our kitchen a unique and truly original look.Whitened furniture is increasingly appearing in our flats. The strong trend of old things in the new role happily does not pass away. Commitment to innovative furniture restoration solutions is exacerbated by independent trials and a multitude of solutions for the owners of old items. One such way is the arrangement of whitewashed room furniture into a shabby chic style kitchen.


Bleached kitchen furniture and the effect of aging.

Bleached furniture how to do? To get the effect of furniture “aging” just a little patience and free time. The final appearance of bleached furniture can be freely modeled, covering the painted part with several layers of paint (preferably white lacquer) in such a way that through the top layer overlays the layer of trousers. The easiest way to make a bleached kitchen furniture is to paint the edges and edges with a darker coat (eg brown), cover the whole piece with a layer of white, and then dry it – gently rub the dull spots with fine sandpaper. Repeat until the desired effect is achieved.


The culmination of the rubbing or the density of the coating can be selected according to their own liking or idea of ​​the interior.

Bleached kitchen furniture – sudden change of roles. Which kitchens fit whitewashed shabby chic furniture? Glazed whitewashed sites are great as a galley pantry gallery. Dressed in a variety of containers of sugar, flour, salt, variegated pasta and spices (eg cans of jars, jars of coffee), they can be assembled in a single, attractive bleached cabinet case – a peculiar cabinet of peculiarities.


And a unique decoration in the practical application of whitewashed kitchen furniture.

Interestingly, you can also use the old function of the old dresser, which – after bleaching and aging – can be maneuvered into the base of the kitchen island. Old furniture was often elaborate on each side. By adding a moisture-resistant counter top (eg marble), we get an unobtrusive island kitchen with the ability to use the bottom of the sideboard as a storage box for pots or pans.
Bleached or clear – how to avoid overload effect.


By taking self-contained furniture metamorphosis, let us remember that we do not have to stick to rigid canons and renovation principles.

Let us be intuitive. If you want to make bleached furniture yourself, there are several rules to follow. If we assume that all furniture covered with white will overwhelm our interior – let us focus on whitening only a piece of furniture (eg legs and a fragment of the bottom table structure, the top left in the original peanut shade politura). Remember that bleached kitchen furniture should be primarily comfortable for their daily use.


Therefore, in their beautification, let’s try to use the charm of everything that must be in the kitchen and must have aesthetic and decorative qualities (such as the display of colored pasta in transparent containers).

Against the background of bleached furniture, stylish silver and brass are perfect for taking care of their interesting arrangement and, above all, putting them into use again (eg silver plated fruit bowls, cups for glasses, coffee or tea teacups, etc.).