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How to separate the kitchen from the living room?

The kitchen open to the living room is in contemporary arrangements almost standard.

Despite the combination, the two rooms are usually optically separated. Here are some proven ways to subtly separate your kitchen from the living room.

Connected and open space is a very trendy and convenient solution.

The lack of partition walls allows for a larger and brighter space that facilitates communication between the household members. The kitchen connected to the living room can be optically separated in several ways. Here are a few of them:


The wall is the easiest way to separate the two rooms if you want to cover the working kitchen area. The wall can be built on the entire width of the kitchen, it can be partial, glass or transparent plastic.

The half wall

The half-wall, like the wall, will allow you to hide the mess in the kitchen, and thanks to the reduced height, you can keep in touch with the guests and guests.



If we have a spacious kitchen, the ideal way to separate it from the living room will be the island. Its size and functionality depend on the size of the room, but also on our needs. The island can serve as a cooking center for several people at once, a bar or an additional worktop. To be fully functional, you should have enough free space on each side.


An alternative to the traditional island is the peninsula. It takes up less space, and offers an additional storage and working space. Perfect for smaller rooms. The peninsula can be in the form of a series of cabinets from one or both sides, the table itself or the bar. It is also possible to use several solutions simultaneously. The outside of the peninsula may also be a decorative feature. It is worthwhile to reflect on the varnished or veneered surface, graphics or bookcase.


Bar is the most popular form of peninsula. Its top is usually placed much higher than in the lower case. This solution enables the use of effective bar stools and hides some of the kitchen work space. On the other side of the bar are traditional lockers.

Mini bar.

Full function like a bar and also serves to eat meals. But it is much smaller and lower than it is. It does not block the kitchen work area, but is a great alternative to the traditional dining room, especially in smaller interiors.

Dining table.

The kitchen with a living room can also be separated by a traditional dining table and chairs. The solution will be especially helpful if you eat meals in the family or we often invite guests. The table usually occupies a lot of space, so this division is dedicated mainly to spacious interiors, although on the other hand we can choose a smaller table and fewer chairs.


Another way to separate the kitchen from the living room is the furniture. Low and decorative furniture, or the contrary, high shelves filled with elegant items, can become a true ornament of the interior and a subtle border for both rooms.


Like other furniture, the sofa can be used to establish the visual boundaries of the kitchen and living room, while preserving its original function.

Many possibilities.

As you can see, there are many ways to separate the kitchen from the living room. Deciding on any solution, we must keep in mind that the importance of our day zone is crucial. We do not want to play unnecessarily in our interior and make it difficult to navigate the living room and kitchen.


What is better – open kitchen combined with living room or dining room, or kitchen closed or semi-open?

We suggest that you make a good decision when choosing a particular solution.

Modern kitchen design and design solutions allow you to tailor your room to suit your needs as well as your room and financial options. The wide range of furniture and appliances makes it possible to operate a functional and cozy kitchen, whether it is connected to a living room or a separate room. The choice of the type of kitchen depends on our taste and character. Opportunities are fortunately infinitely many.

Kitchen open for social people.

Open kitchen is synonymous with modern, well thought out and interior design. Perfectly suited for small flats because it expands optically. It also works well in large interiors and spacious homes.


The main thing when setting up an open kitchen is to compose it well with the rest of the room to make it a perfect complement to the whole.

Combining the kitchen with the living room is mainly to gain more space. It is also a good solution to get a natural daylight in the kitchen without a window. In the arrangement of this type of kitchen it is worth putting on reliable white, thanks to which we naturally obtain the effect of optical enlargement of space. Moreover, in the kitchen-living room it is a universal solution, so that we can easily adjust any finishing materials, trinkets and decorative details. This color perfectly co-inter alia. With wood, tiles and terracotta.

Moreover, open kitchen is a possibility to do many things at the same time. When preparing a meal, we can control the baby playing at the same time.

With the right furniture setting, we can watch TV or participate in conversations with guests. It is therefore an ideal solution for non-companions.


Kitchen closed for those who appreciate intimacy and tranquility.

Despite modern solutions for open kitchen, those still closed have their followers. They are definitely a better solution for people who value intimacy and peace of mind. It’s also a more convenient alternative if you do not like cleaning directly after preparing your meal. Resting in the living room, we do not see dirty dishes and cooking remnants, so it’s easier for us to relax.

By separating the kitchen from the rest of the room, the problem of spreading the scent of prepared meals disappears.

Even the best extractor or hood can not completely eliminate culinary smells. Separating the kitchen also allows you to relax in the silence of the living room, because we do not hear working appliances, such as dishwashers or mixers. Learn how to functionally arrange your kitchen equipment and furniture.

When we have a closed kitchen, we also have more room to show off when it comes to decor and decor.

We do not need to focus on it to blend in with the living room and the open space. We can use other than in the living room decorative elements and play with colors.


Half-open for undecided.

Undecided we recommend semi-open kitchen.

If you get distracted by mess, work area and washing area, we can cover the semi-enclosure and expose the rest of the kitchen. For even more undecided and scent-eating food throughout the house, we recommend that you install sliding doors so you can have your kitchen open or closed on request.

It is worth taking care that the semi-open kitchen has a decorative element in the living room and creates a coherent whole with it.

Regardless of the type of kitchen we choose, let us remember that it fulfills its functions and meets our needs. It is worth to use the help of professionals who professionally advise on the design of the heart of our home, the selection of furniture and appliances.