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Kitchen set from the store or the bespoke kitchen

When decorating a house or apartment we often face a difficult choice: what kitchen furniture to choose, ready or to the size? This article presents the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions.


The answer to the question posed is not simple, because each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

The choice depends on our needs and preferences, the space we have and, above all, the size of our budget. If we have a small budget, and our kitchen is large, simple and in typical dimensions, we can put on finished furniture from the store.


Of course, if we do not care about the perfect fit of furniture to the room and our needs.

What if our kitchen is unusual, very small, narrow and oblong, with irregular niches? In this case, the size of the kitchen can be the only sensible choice. Only then will we be able to make full use of all available space.


Ready-made furniture from the store

Ready-made kitchen furniture is a cabinet, or sets of cabinets of standard dimensions that can fit into any kitchen. They may also not fit anywhere, because their “typical dimensions” make little space that could be fully built with such furniture. The holes and cracks that remain in the kitchen do not look aesthetically, and worse, they mean the loss of a manageable space. Adaptation is not always possible and even if it usually does not look good.

Advantages of ready-made furniture

The undoubted advantage of ready-made furniture is their very low price and easy availability. We can go to the store in one day, buy some cabinets and put them in our kitchen. Fast and cheap solution. We can also dismantle them easily and set up in another apartment. Unfortunately, the advantages of ready-made furniture are over.

Finished furniture is usually sold in sets.

We can choose from the current offer of manufacturers, often very extensive, but still directed to a mass audience. And yet not always the designer’s taste will overlap with ours. Not all materials or colors will suit us, and solutions may not be tailored to our needs and preferences. In addition, ready-made kits are usually soulless and devoid of individual character.


The biggest disadvantage of ready-made kitchen is definitely less flexibility.

We are forced to choose from pre-made cabinets, which in some cases completely prevent the construction of an atypical room. In addition, the quality of such furniture, their systems and fittings is very low. These are the elements that manufacturers always save. If the furniture is very cheap, they can not be good quality and durable.


Bespoke kitchens.

With bespoke kitchen only our imagination is our limit and of course the wealth of the wallet. Prices may vary widely. It depends on the size of our kitchen and selected materials and equipment systems. However, it should be said clearly, the bespoke kitchen is much more expensive than the furniture from the store.


Perfect match

When deciding on bespoke furniture, we face a challenge. Now we ourselves have to plan every element of our kitchen. And we have a choice, because the number of available materials, patterns and colors is really impressive. For example, in the offer of Darex we can choose from over 350 models of kitchen countertops and several hundred models and colors of furniture fronts. There are various systems to facilitate the work in the kitchen, such as cargo baskets, corner systems, functional drawers, opening handles and much more. And it’s all in different price ranges.

If we are unable or unwilling to design our own kitchen, we can use the help of experienced designers who will offer solutions that meet our needs and financial capabilities.


Custom solutions.

There are also a number of custom solutions such as: countertop entering the window instead of a window sill, elevated cabinets, convenient drawers under the sink, or complete construction of an embarrassing recess. Bespoke furniture is ideal especially for small and untypical rooms, where the optimum use of each centimeter is important.


High durability.

Custom-made furniture is definitely stronger than the standard ones. The fittings and systems used in them are mostly fail-safe. This means that such furniture will serve us for many long years.

The right contractor.

Deciding to order kitchen furniture to size, we should carefully choose the right contractor. The best experienced, well-established reputation, which can boast of many realizations. It is good to ask your friends and family and find information on the Internet. Especially note the timeliness of the company. For kitchen furniture to size we usually wait a few weeks, and the date of furniture should be clearly defined in the contract.

Measurement, design, transport and assembly.

The order of the kitchen to the dimension involves full service from the contractor. This means that we will receive a professional design, measurement of the room, as well as transport and assembly of furniture.

What to choose?

If we like to cook and we spend a lot of time in the kitchen – the choice seems obvious. We need a kitchen that is fully tailored to our individual needs, and the arrangement of all equipment must be subordinated to our habits. If we had chosen ready-made furniture from the store, we would have to come up with the most standard solutions.

When we are preparing our home or home of our dreams, saving on the kitchen is definitely a bad idea. Kitchen is the heart of a home where we spend a lot of time each day. If we do not like it, it will be uncomfortable or poorly finished and matched, staying and working in it will be tiring and disliked.

Is it worth investing in bespoke kitchen furtnirue?

For a perfectly equipped kitchen to a size we will spend far more than ready-made furniture, but thanks to that we will provide high comfort, even for decades. Custom-made furniture has a unique character, is functional and perfectly suited to our needs. In addition, they increase the standard of living or home and are a sign of social status.