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Electric cabinet opening, is it worth trying?

Today’s cuisine is filled with technical novelties that make it not only elegant and modern but also more functional. One such system is the electric opening and closing of cabinets.

The kitchen is becoming more modern, and the ever-evolving technology allows for more and more convenience and comfort. Today even classic-style kitchens are equipped with the latest systems to improve its functionality. One such system is the Blum Servo-Drive, which is an electrical power system for opening and closing fronts.


What is Servo-Drive?

Servo-Drive is a dedicated system for kitchens without grips that allows for tactile opening and closing of fronts of cabinets, drawers and household appliances. Gentle pressing of the front with your hand, knee or hip, launches the opening process, which we can break at any moment. So we have total control over it. Servo-Drive can be used for each Aventos cabinet and TaraBox Antaro and Legrabox drawers.


Opening top cabinets

The front panel fronts open slightly when pressed and close when the button in the cabinet body is closed.


Drawer under the sink

The best place to use the Servo-Drive system is a drawer under the sink, which usually contains waste bins or waste sorters. When working in the kitchen, we often have dirty hands, and we must throw away the remains of food. With Servo-Drive you can open a drawer with a trash can, such as a knee or foot, and the front will remain clean.


Dishwasher and refrigerator

Dishwashers and refrigerators are devices that are very difficult to open without a solid handle. Often this fact decides to abandon the desire to have a kitchen without handles. Servo-Drive Flex solves this problem and allows us to enjoy fully functional kitchen without even a single handle.


Silent closing

All Servo-Drive systems are equipped with Blumotion, a soft and quiet closing mechanism. This includes both the drawers and the fronts of the top cabinets.


Self-locking mechanism

If after opening the opening, the front will not be further opened, the mechanism will close the front door. This ensures that the door will not remain open.

Protection against scratching

And what if we accidentally get up front? Will the cabinet automatically open? Well, no, because the system (Servo-Drive Flex) has the right protection, which recognizes short pressing and long leaning on the front.


Anti Collision System

The integrated anti-collision system prevents collision of neighboring fronts and interrupts the closure in case of resistance. This solution makes the system completely safe for children and animals as well.

Power consumption.

The level of power consumption is negligible, as in standby mode it usually does not exceed 3.5 kWh per year.

In case of power failure.

Blum ensures that even in the event of a power failure, all fittings remain fully operational. As far as the front cabinets of the upper or the edge of the kitchen, which we can grasp at the edge and open, it seems easy, with the opening of one of the central fronts (which are very close together), may already be a problem. This problem occurs only in the middle drawer surrounded by other fronts. In this case, you will need to first open the bottom drawer and then (grabbing the bottom edge) of the target drawer. Current failures do not happen fortunately too often, so this is not a big problem.


Servo-Drive system faults.

The most serious and, in fact, the only significant defect of the Servo Drive system is its high price. For each cabinet or drawer is electrically open, we will have to pay heavily over a thousand gold. This means that the price of our kitchen will go up strongly.

Is it worth trying?

The Servo-Drive system is a very impressive piece of kitchen equipment. He will certainly make a great impression on our friends and will often make it easier for us to work. If the system used in a drawer with a trash can or household appliances (in the case of fronts without handles) will definitely help us work in the kitchen, then spending an extra few thousand dollars to automatically open and close the remaining cabinets may not make much sense. Especially since we will open and close the cabinet more quickly than the mechanism does. Of course, each of us has to decide for himself what his money is and what he really needs in the kitchen.