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Dishwasher in the kitchen – necessary or not.

Until recently considered a symbol of luxury, today it is almost mandatory equipment of modern kitchen. A dishwasher in the kitchen saves time and money, but still many people are not convinced. So is it worth investing in a dishwasher?

Washing the pile of dishes, especially with the dried sludge, is not the most pleasant thing to do.

With this task, a dishwasher can be used to clean the dishes much better than us, saving us time and money. Many people will say, however, that only a few or several minutes of self-cleaning, without the need to invest in a dishwasher, is enough. Who is so right and whether such expenditure really pays off?


Small or large dishwasher?

Currently available dishwasher models are 45 and 60 cm wide. The dishwasher 45 allows one to wash 8-9 sets of dishes at once, and is dedicated to small kitchens, as well as one and two-person households. The dishwasher 60 cm has, however, a higher loading capacity, ie 12-13 sets of dishes. Regardless of the width of the dishwasher, it is worth noting the possibility of adjusting the drawer, which will allow you to load larger plates or tall glass.


Water saving.

Washing dishes in the dishwasher is not only convenient and time saving, but also significantly less water consumption (usually 8-10 liters of water per cycle).

Each dishwasher has an economical washing program (eco mode), and the most economical ones consume only 6 liters of water. Of course, the dishwasher also consumes electricity, of course, but after adding up the cost of water and electricity it is much better than handwashing.

There is a mistaken belief that in order to save water it is necessary to fill the dishwasher container, which can mean storing the dirty dishes for even a few days.

This is not true because modern dishwashers have a zone wash function that allows you to wash only one level. Water consumption will be lower in this case. Interestingly, by washing medium soiled dishes, we will use even less water.

Saving time.

The pace of life is very high today, and time is, after all, the most precious asset we have. Washing dishes, if not done after each meal, takes quite some time. All we need to do is wash our laundry for 10 minutes a day, it will be over the whole year that we are standing at the sink for more than 2 days! Certainly this time we can make better use of, for example, work, study, passion or family. Our task will only be to fill and empty the dishwasher and to take care of the detergent. The big advantage of a dishwasher is its independence, because we can run the wash before leaving the house. Most time will save big families where stacks of dirty dishes appear very quickly.

Better hygiene is less bacteria.

The dishwasher uses high temperatures and proper cleaning agents, which removes much more bacteria than handwashing. We also have the problem of germs multiplying on sponges and washers.

Shiny dishes.

Dedicated dishwashers detergents are much more effective in removing contamination from conventional dishwashers, and additionally shine the glass surface. With the dishwasher the streaks and dirt will go away in oblivion and the dishes will shine clean.

Order in the kitchen.

Stack of dirty dishes does not look good, especially to the guests who visit us. Thanks to the dishwasher, we do not need to wash on the day, because dirty dishes will disappear inside and the kitchen will remain clean and tidy.

Dishwasher or drain sink?

The presence of a dishwasher in the kitchen does not necessarily mean that you have a small, single-chamber sink. Of course, in that case, two chambers will not be needed, but one draining chamber is a very convenient solution for any kitchen. Thanks to that we can quickly wash a single plate, rinse vegetables or fruits and put them on the draining board. Besides washing large pots and pans much better and cheaper we make in the sink, because by inserting them into the dishwasher, we fill the entire container.

Dishwasher defects.

Unfortunately, the dishwasher also has its drawbacks that you should know before you buy. For his work he needs several types of detergent (detergent, salt and rinse aid), which can be replaced with so-called. “3in1 tablets”. But they are not particularly cheap and ecological. The dishwasher also needs to be cleaned once, removing dirt from the filters and sprinklers. Another disadvantage is the loss of space that will take us a dishwasher. This is mainly a problem of small kitchens, where each additional cabinet is very important.

Is it worth investing in a dishwasher?

It can not be clearly stated whether the dishwasher is a mandatory feature of any kitchen or just an unnecessary expense.

In any case, the answer will be different. If we have a large family or a lot of cooking, the dishwasher will save us a lot of time and money. On the other hand, when we live alone and we live mainly outside the home, such investment will not necessarily return.

However, if you decide on it, you should choose a model that will allow you to wash an incomplete container, using less water.

Surely you should consider buying a dishwasher as a long term investment and not just in the financial sense. Saving time will allow us to dedicate it to our loved ones or to our passions.