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Comfortable kitchen for the whole family – how to decorate it?


The kitchen for a young married couple is modern and corresponding to the tastes,

but should be also fully adapted to the needs of the youngest household member. How to decorate it to make it comfortable and safe for the whole family? Kitchen for a single and for a family are two completely different worlds. While in the first case we can bet on impressive or even minimalist design, the kitchen for the family should be above all practical and safe. Comfortable family kitchen does not have to be large and spacious at all. It is important, however, to be well organized, ie functional and practical. Kitchen is not only a place to store food and cooking. Often it also serves as a dining room and family gathering place.



The main feature that should be characterized kitchen for the family is a large capacity.

More homeowners are after all more pots, pots, foodstuffs, and often also small household appliances. And all this has to be housed somewhere. If you have a small room, you should think of the high cabinets (ceiling to ceiling). This is a good way to store rarely used items, even if you need them. The bottom of the kitchen should be equipped with a number of drawers, which are ideal for storing dry food, pots and other accessories. Drawers are also definitely more comfortable to use than deep, traditional cabinets.


Family dining table.

A dining table for sharing meals is a must for every family.

Ideally, if you have a separate dining area. If we have a spacious kitchen where we can fit a table for several people, it’s great. But what if our apartment is not too big and the kitchen itself is very small? In that case, we have two outputs.

By getting rid of the partition wall, we can open the kitchen to the living room.

We will gain a lot of space thanks to this, and the whole apartment will increase optically. Setting the table between the kitchen and the living room, will split the room. The second, far less practical solution, is to place a dining table in the living room.


It has its pros and cons, but sometimes there is simply no other way out.

Comfortable kitchen, where you can easily fit all the food you need, kitchen utensils, accessories and cooking appliances for all household members. This is best suited to double-row construction, but the solution is L-shaped or C-shaped. It is worth thinking about the large work surface and drawers with easy access to content. If we are thinking about facilities for daily cooking, let us also consider the Tandem system, which provides extra space for products. The whole space of the cabinet is easily and easily accessible, thanks to the use of the interior surface of the door – similar to the one in the refrigerator. Just one hand move and we have everything in our reach.


The above advice is just a starting point for family kitchen planning. Every family is different. Individual members can have different tastes, tastes and habits. The kitchen should meet the needs and requirements of each one, which may mean smaller or larger compromises.