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Classical or modern kitchen?


If we are in the planning stage of a new kitchen, we should decide on how to decorate it. Elegant and stylish? Or simple and modern? It is good to think about this, because another opportunity to change the arrangement may not happen too soon.


The kitchen, like any other room, should be unified in style, one that suits us the most.

Ideally, when the kitchen also refers to the style of the rest of the apartment. Thanks to that, our interiors will be characterized by calm and harmony. Choosing a particular style depends, of course, on individual preferences and there are many of them. The most basic division, however, is a classic and modern style.


Modern kitchen

The superior feature of the modern kitchen is its high functionality and comfort, and the furniture itself is simple, minimalist and economical in color. Modern kitchen is dominated by black, white and gray, and sometimes also vibrant colors, which are complementary. The fronts are usually straight and glossy, lacquered or made of MDF. Glass, metal and plastics are also very popular.


The complete complement is LED lighting, which looks impressive and gives the kitchen modern character.

The greatest advantage of modern kitchen is that it works in any interior, both large and small. Minimalism and shiny and bright surfaces make the room seem bigger than it really is. Popular trend in modern kitchen design is to connect it to the living room. The kitchen open to the living room becomes bigger and brighter, and most importantly, it allows common cooking and free contact with the rest of the household.


Stylish / classic kitchen

Classical kitchens have their own, unique and noble character.

These are timeless interiors that never go out of style and always look good. They are not as heavy, dark and boring as they used to be. They are subtle, elegant and cozy, and thanks to modern systems, comfortable and functional. Such style does not appeal to everyone, so classic kitchens have many followers as well as opponents.


Stylish cuisine is usually characterized by rich design and natural materials, such as wood.

Colors include natural colors, in light and delicate shades of white, beige and light brown. Wooden fronts have elegant patterns, decorations, stained glass and ornaments. The finishing of the furniture in the classic kitchen is stylized home appliances (retro style). Classic style kitchen is the ideal choice for those who love traditional interiors who appreciate stylish and cozy spaces. Although such cuisine is best presented in large and spacious interiors, the residents of the blocks can also successfully tempt themselves to such style in their kitchen.



When setting up a kitchen, remember that it is an investment for years to come. Let’s choose the style that suits us the most, but let’s not forget that it is primarily a workplace where preparing meals should be a pleasure and not a burden. Regardless of the style we choose, let’s try to make our kitchen fully functional and meet the needs of all household members.