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Kitchen fronts can have different finishes.

Kitchen varnished fronts (high gloss) have their followers – just like the kitchen fronts mat. And varnished kitchens, and those in matte versions can be just as beautiful if we manage them well. We advise you which kitchen fronts to choose.


What to choose kitchen doors: matt or lacquered to high gloss? Maybe a semi-mat?

In general, the dilemma concerns not only aesthetic but also practical issues. Keeping the kitchen fronts clean is a priority for some children because they have small children or simply they cook often, hence the colors and finishes of the kitchen cabinets are so important. Whatever we choose, it should be acknowledged that trails will be visible on every type of finish – the difference is that the different finishes will simply look different and let’s not spoil that we will miss any cleaning of the kitchen fronts.


Lacquered kitchen doors are the most popular choice.

Kitchen fronts lacquered to a high gloss give an interesting depth effect, while the glossy coating lightly reflects the space around and is intriguing in particular with well laid out warm artificial light. The most effective are dark, high-gloss lacquered furniture, wood with visible grain and stones, such as black countertops.

The darker the colors of furniture fronts, the more elegant and expressive.

However, such shining surfaces of kitchen furniture oblige the rest of the home d├ęcor to maintain or refer to such stylistic arrangements. Clear coloring of kitchen furniture will be lighter and more subtle. Selecting smooth, high-gloss fronts carries the risk of more visible prints and scratches Our fronts have to handle cooking frequency, sun light and many other factors. The darker the coloring of the kitchen fronts is, the more visible signs of use, and consequently, the more frequent cleaning of the fronts.


Varnished wooden kitchen doors

Wood with visible grain, lacquered to a high gloss, more likely to mask any prints. Irregular grain effectively distracts from this type of shortcoming, exposes the beauty of the color and depth of the selected wood.


Kitchen doors mat and semimat.

Kitchen matte or semi-matt fronts is a solution that seems more friendly and practical. This finish of the furniture fronts will look where you do not put so much emphasis on the spectacular gloss effect. Interestingly chosen compositions of furniture fronts will be beautiful and useful. Those in bright colors with a small amount of dark colors, especially find their followers. The lack of glossy fronts of kitchen cabinets “calms” the decor of the kitchen. The mat and the semi-mat look perfect both solid fronts and wood with grain.


Painted kitchen doors.

If it happens that you are not satisfied with the selected kitchen fronts, nothing is lost.  Painted fronts of kitchen cabinets will be matted, unless we will secure them with extra wax – then we will get a semi-matt finish. See yourself how easy and quick it is to paint a furniture, even kitchen cabinets.