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How to choose the interior designer well?

The selection of the interior designer and the mere style of the design for our room can cause problems. We often feel overwhelmed by the amount of opportunities, we do not have the concept for the interior, or we are not able to see how much the given interior can change.

When designing, we are often overwhelmed by the number of elements requiring thought and selection of the most favourable solution. Whether it is the arrangement of the furniture, lighting, materials used, or colours. Each element is selected so it suits our taste and it has a price adequate to the quality. Interior design is not only functionality and the proper placement of each element, it is also: the selection of the appropriate textures and patterns, the order of the design of the formal parts of the building, the proper use of the colour palette, the use of the principles, like 60-30-10 (60% primary colour, 30% second colour, 10% additional colour), the appropriate contrast of the cold and warmth, and the reflection of the individual style and taste. Often without specific technical knowledge it is easy to make a mistake, and as a consequence we are forced to use the room, which we do not like, what leads to anger. We entrust each element in the room to the professionals, who make them according to our taste, in the event of choosing the improper person we can not only overpay, but obtain a project incompatible with any rules, and simply arousing our dislike. If we focus on quality in each element of finishing of the house, the arrangement itself and the selection of materials, or the concept of the room should be in accordance with all other elements of the room. If we haven’t dealt with interior design for twenty years, it is natural that we do not have the professional knowledge about the material selection, purchases at optimal prices, styles, making the rooms beautiful and functional. At the time when something happens to our health, we look for a good doctor. When we want to have a room which is not only beautiful and functional, but above all made with all standards, in accordance with our expectations and budget – we also look for a professional, a good interior designer.

Over the years, we have been visited by many clients. Initially unsure if their concept, how they see the given room, and how to go about its performance, they presented us their vision. During the consultations we could bring out what is the most important for the client, why he wants to change the room, what are his expectations regarding the budget and what the room will be used for. In turn, moving from the determination of expectations, through designing and consultations with the client, to the final project – we have heard words of contentment and praise, and above all satisfaction of our clients. Our greatest pride is satisfaction and recommendation of previous clients, who often besides references and a good word often come back to use our services again. Twenty-three years of action in the industry include many stories of changed rooms, creations of places, which teem with joy and happiness, in which we have put a lot of our heart. We are happy that we can serve you with expertise and support at every stage of the room design.

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As the Interior Design Studio  „DesignMyInterior.com” we have dealt with design and interior design for 23 years. We are architects of passion. When designing, we always put your expectations at the first place, as we design for you, not for ourselves. Our priority is to combine the best knowledge and standard of service, with friendly, individual, partner realisations. Whether you are looking for someone to design the house, apartment, office, hotel, restaurant, the cooperation guarantees that the obtained project will be fully compatible with your expectations, needs, character, budget and style. We always share our knowledge and experience gained over years from the implementation of over 350 projects, so that the final project arouses joy and satisfaction of use. We create the commercial implementations so that they meet the assumed objectives, we have cooperated with hotels, offices, restaurants, both in Poland and in many European Union countries, so that your project will be compatible with all leading standards.

What makes us different?

An experienced designer. 23 years of experience, references, technical and practical knowledge

Over the years we have participated in many courses, training, implementing projects which were growing challenges. Currently, we are able to convert every, even the most problematic room into one, which can be placed on the cover of the industry magazine. With pleasure we will present you with the skills in practice, providing the project in line with the expectations, budget, style and taste. Additionally, we always try to give you even more than you have expected, offering you proposals, concepts, everything that can help you in creating a perfect room for years.

Access to materials and manufacturers, discounts

Staying in touch with the clients, we know how the given materials work. We know, which furniture and materials should be avoided, as they often turn out to be a waste of money. Many things look nice when they are new on the template or store exposure, however in practice it turns out that in the course of normal use they appear to deteriorate rapidly and lose their properties. We will help you select the best materials, accessories, furniture, at the best prices preferred by you. All this so that the project not only looks nice on the computer, but brings joy from its use, is durable and designed to be used for years.

The best selected range for your needs

Each element of the interior design is selected so that it matches your taste, needs, budget. First of all, we listen to the expectations and we help select the offer, which will be the best.

How do we work?

1. Architectural inventory and photographic documentation

We come to the room or to the construction site to collect all dimensions and technical details necessary for the project implementation. This is important primarily because of this we can determine what we can, and what we cannot create in the given room. This is when the first concepts and proposals usually get born, even about the solutions and materials we can use. The collection of the dimensions allows us to avoid a situation, when the computer design is inconsistent with reality due to wrong dimensions. That’s why we take on the full responsibility for dimensioning.

2. Functional Project

The project includes a projection with the proposal of partition walls, furniture arrangement, equipment an toilets. It is made in the 2d form, which means that we can see the sketched various elements of the room from above. The preparation of several functional project proposals allows us to select the system most convenient for us and to move to the next stage. Most often at this stage we consider the potential changes in the layout of partition walls to change the yardage of the rooms, and the general idea is determined, which guides the implemented project..

3. Conceptual project

Three-dimensional visualisations of the rooms. It is a stage anticipated by the clients, in which we can see the way our room will look like for the first time. Meeting with the client, at this stage, with a three-dimensional visualisation, we can make many changes, so that the final version of the visualisation even more fits the expected style, solutions, design, budget. At this stage we present the proposal not only for the arrangement of elements, but also colours.

4. The creation of the list of furniture and materials used in the project

The executive project includes the creation of the list of furniture, materials, accessories, toilets, used in the project. We prepare both the required amount and the list of stores, where the given material can be bought under the best conditions, such as, for example, the longest additional warranty. In the case of furniture we also provide valuations and the potential recommendations from the friendly performers, proven in practice.

5. Preparation of orders

We do not order the materials for the customer, we only prepare the list containing the name, amount, budget and provider under the best conditions. The client orders the goods himself, we are happy to offer expertise and support.

6. Technical documentation

When we have the approved project and list of materials, we move to the next stage. At this stage, the process of the interior creation is finished, it is time to go to its execution. The prepared technical documentation is a manual for the construction team about how to create the room step by step in accordance with the project, that is with the arrangements and vision developed jointly.

The full technical documentation includes:

– Projects of floors (colours, materials)

– Projects of suspended ceilings and lighting

– Projects of all walls (lining: wallpaper, tiles, etc.)

– Projects of furniture for the kitchen and the remaining ones made to order

– Projects of the bathroom including the fittings, ceramics, floor and wall coverings

– drawings made for the construction team

– diagram of the electrical outlets, light switches, water and sewer connections

And the prepared visualisations facilitating the work of the contractors.

7. Valuation of the finishing works

On the client’s request we can transfer the required finishing works to valuation of the friendly and proven construction teams. Affiliate construction teams are selected in terms of both professionalism, work quality, and most of all the ability to read technical drawings. This gives you full confidence that you will avoid unpleasant surprises resulting from incompetence. Proper reading of technical drawings will ensure full compliance of the final implementation with the project.

8. “Turnkey” supervision (additional option)

The executive project involves drawing up of the list of furniture, materials, accessories, toilets, used in the project. We prepare both the required amount and the list of stores, where you can get the given material under the best conditions, such as, for example, the longest additional warranty. In the case of furniture we also provide valuations and the potential recommendations in the friendly contractors, proven in practice.



10 - 30 €/m²
  • Development of 2 functional systems of the interior in the 2D form
  • Design of the system of walls, ceilings, floors, layout of electrical points


80-250 €/m²
  • Preparation of the executive documentation (projections + sections)
  • Selection, inventory, possible completion of pieces of equipment
  • Development of the cost estimate
  • Optional – construction supervision


250 €/1 hour
  • Do you already have a vision and skills for planning? If you are overwhelmed by the enormity of the things associated with the renovation, which are to be done, organised, selection – consultations will be perfect for you. For people, who do not need a comprehensive For people, who do not need a comprehensive design service or an uncertain about their own sense of aesthetics, we offer consultations on the individual elements of the project or idea.
  • The assessment of the relevance of the concept, trend, style, functionality and advice, suggestion of new solutions.
  • The sketchy arrangement of individual elements, selection of materials and clarification of any doubts.

Ladies and gentlemen, the price spreads presented above are approximate. The price of the project is affected by the scope of the development, complication, size of the property – hence each one is valued individually. Contact us to get to know the detailed offer.


We provide 24 months warranty for each product, hence the certainty that the product will work and operate as it is ensured by the manufacturer. Additionally, thanks to the contacts with sales representatives and wholesalers we are able to offer attractive discounts and preferential terms, including not only the goods reserved for the design studios, but also additional free warranty extension.

Everyone is unique and individual to us, we devote the required amount of time to everyone to see a smile and satisfaction. We are not satisfied unless you are. We adapt both in terms of budget and the preferred style. We provide expert advice. You gain the room of your dreams, which you did not know you could be made in this exact room.

Cooperating with us you can also save up. We know which materials should be used and when to get them, so that the functional rooms can be used for years and always fit in the budgets expected by us.

The good interior design itself also significantly increases the value of the apartment by the relatively simple things, not involving the expansion of the house, so it can be  regarded as a solid investment.

First of all, the room which we will create will become the showcase of your home or company. Through feedback and conversations with clients we know that the implemented rooms arouse admiration, and approbation of their friends and family. Rather than impose any solutions, we help you bring out what is really important to you, and why you want to design the room. Time spent in the rooms becomes a pleasure, because at every step you feel that it is thought out and executed with care, and above all, in line with us, our lifestyle, taste.

How to start cooperation?

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