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9 most common mistakes made in the kitchen arrangement


The biggest advantage of the kitchen in terms of size is the great freedom of its arrangement.

We can design it exactly as we want. It is not worthwhile to push for solutions that can later turn out to be a nightmare. This time we tell you what better not to do and how to avoid mistakes during the kitchen arrangement.

It would seem that cooking is simple, easy and enjoyable.

By ordering kitchen furniture to size, we present our vision to the designer and often defend our ideas, usually seen in other designs. It does not always pay off. Regardless of whether the kitchen is small or large, each interior is different and has its own individual characteristics. Every kitchen should be aesthetic, but above all functional. Must meet the principles of ergonomics to make work in it easy and pleasant, not heavy and tiring.

Remember to plan well and avoid the following errors before proceeding to the arrangement:


  1. Too low cuntertops

    The standard height of the kitchen countertops is 85 cm. In most cases, this height is perfect, but for people with a height of 180 cm or more, working on such countertops may be tiring. In this case, consider raising them up to 90 cm.

  2. Not enough space by the sink

    The lack of or insufficient space between the sink and the fridge or cooker greatly hampers the kitchen. When planning our kitchen layout, we need to keep in mind the right amount of space to work, such as preparing meals and putting down ready meals.

  3. Too far between household appliances

    This is a common problem of large kitchens. The distance between the fridge, the sink, and the stove should not be too high, as daily cooking will become tiring and we will be getting too much.


  1. Stove and sink at the opposite walls

    Sink on one wall and stove on the other side? Such a solution is very uncomfortable and dangerous. Moving the pan from the burner to the sink should be above the top.

  2. Too tight

    Functional kitchen must allow for quick and trouble-free movement and preparation of meals. It is therefore worth to keep moderation and to reflect on what we really need in the kitchen. This is particularly important in small kitchens where every centimeter counts.


  1. Inadequate lighting

    Lighting in the kitchen is extremely important because it allows us to work freely even when the window gets dark. However, the incorrect distribution of light sources will bring us more harm than good. The light that raises our eyes or locates behind the back, which causes the appearance of shadows on the counter, is the most common mistake in planning lighting in the kitchen.


  1. Non-functional cabinets

    When planning a kitchen layout we should know exactly what items we will store in it. Traditional cabinets will not always be the best solution and you should also consider using kitchen drawers and cargo systems in your kitchen.

  2. Unmatched styles

    The problem most often occurs in kitchens open to the living room, where the kitchen style definitely differs from the decor of the rest of the house or apartment. Also within the kitchen itself, the combination of clearly classic decoration with modern furniture will not look too good.

  3. Dark furniture

    Dark-colored furniture looks elegant and dignified, but also absorbs light and optically reduces the room. It is worth to remember, especially in the case of small kitchens in which dark furniture can look heavy and overwhelming.


How to avoid errors?

A detailed and carefully thought out plan will allow us to avoid many mistakes that may later be a inconvenience to us. Bespoke kitchen furniture is an investment for years to come, so you should design and make it well the first time to avoid further costs and rework.