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15 advantages of bespoke kitchens


Bespoke kitchens, though usually more expensive than ready-made furniture, offers far more possibilities.


In today’s entry, we present 15 kitchen benefits of bespoke kitchens. Bespoke kitchen is a dream for many of us, especially those who love to cook and need a kitchen that fully fits their needs and habits. Custom-made kitchen furniture is a luxury that more and more people choose because of their many undoubted advantages.

  1. Build an untypical room

    Not everyone is happy to own a large and square or rectangular kitchen with equal walls. Kitchen equipment in the attic or in a room with many recesses and various installations, using ready-made furniture stores is almost impossible. At best, we will have a lot of unused space. At worst, by the custom shape of the kitchen, may not fit us a fridge or sink. In that case, the only sensible solution would be to order the kitchen to size.

  2. Rescue for small kitchen

    In the case of small kitchens you do not need a lot to completely play them and overwhelm the amount of furniture. Improperly selected materials and colors can make working and living in such a kitchen a real nightmare.

  3. Maximum use of space

    The problem of optimal use of available space, not only for small but also large kitchen. Rarely, with the help of ready-made furniture, we will be able to build the entire wall (or walls). Spars, holes and free spaces not only do not look good, but above all, mean the loss of storage space. The advantage of the kitchen in terms of size is the full development of all the nooks and making of them fully useful cargo cabinets, lockers and other.

  4. Any dimensions and types of cabinets

    Another very important dimension of the kitchen is that we have the ability to determine whether the cabinet should be narrow, wide, including shelves or drawers. This gives us the opportunity to fit all cabinets to our needs and the items that we are going to store in the kitchen.

  5. Build all appliances

    It is also very important to be able to build different appliances. Dimensional furniture allows you to hide many items that do not fit in your style or look like new furniture. It may be, for example, a washing machine, dishwasher, gas stove, stove, or other unesthetic appliances. Buildings will avoid spoiling the visual effect while providing free access to hidden devices.

  6. The possibility of building directly to the ceiling

    There are situations when the size of our kitchen is not too big, but the number of objects that we have to accommodate it. The solution to this problem is the high cabinets of the top, that is up to the ceiling itself. Thanks to that we will use every centimeter of free space and we will get a lot of extra space.

  7. Choosing the type of cabinets top

    There are currently several types of top cabinets. These can be traditionally open shelving cabinets, glazed windows or horizontal, wide flaps. By choosing kitchen furniture to size, we can choose the cabinet that most suits us style and functionality.

  8. Effective and useful lighting

    Lighting in the kitchen is important, not only for aesthetic reasons but also for purely practical purposes. By ordering a kitchen to size, we decide where we need lighting points and what kind of lighting they should be.

  9. Convenient systems

    There are many interesting solutions on the market, which greatly enhance the functionality of the kitchen. We can choose from corner systems such as Le Mans or Magic Corner, organizers for drawers, waste sorters or drawers under the sink.

  10. Safe drawers

    Kitchens on a regular basis are a lot more expensive than ready-made kits. This is due to the higher quality of materials used and often advanced drawer guide systems. Examples of such drawers include the Antaro Tandembox and Blum Legrabox. These drawers not only look very aesthetically and modernly, but above all, they are characterized by reliability and high quality of traffic, even under heavy load. There is no need to mention silent, soft closing systems, as it is already standard in drawers of this type.

  11. Individual appearance and character of the kitchen

    The biggest advantage of the kitchen in terms of size is that its appearance and character depend only on us. This means that we have an influence on how our kitchen will look and what it will have functionalities. So we are confident that it will be 100% matched to our needs and lifestyle.


  1. Free in choosing all kitchen elements

    By ordering kitchen furniture to size, we can decide on every element of our future kitchen. We can choose the color of the countertops, the material and pattern of the fronts, the type of handles and lighting, the cabinet bodies, the type of drawers and cabinet opening systems, or even the color of a single cabinet. All this makes us become designers of our dream kitchen where everything will be what we want.

  2. Higher quality.

    Shop furniture is mass produced, factory-built, with a view to reducing production costs. Dimensioned furniture is handmade, with due care so that each order is 100% polished. So there can be no speech here about poor performance and understatement.

  3. Reliability and durability.

    Bespoke kitchen furniture is also much sturdier and more durable than store furniture. This is due to better quality of materials used, guide systems and fittings. Thanks to that, furniture and systems are mostly fail-safe and will serve us for many long years.

  4. Custom solutions.

    Custom furniture is also a number of non-standard solutions, such as a window top instead of a window sill, unusual cabinet dimensions, functional drawers under the sink and oven or narrow cargo lifts.


Where to order?

By choosing kitchen furniture to size, you are sure that your future kitchen will reflect your individual needs and tastes.